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- September 14, 2012

Chevron helping Dublin save $14 million with energy upgrades

New streetlights, solar panels energy has city 'going green, realizing environmental benefits,' mayor says

Chevron Energy Solutions has signed an energy services agreement with Dublin to overhaul the city's infrastructure and install solar energy panels.

The work is aimed at reducing the city's future utility costs with Dublin officials estimating that the program will generate more than $14 million in savings over the next 25 years.

The energy services agreement establishes Dublin as the first among cities in the Tri-Valley to launch an aggressive and comprehensive energy action plan aimed at reducing a city's carbon footprint by upgrading facilities and infrastructure, said Dublin Mayor Tim Sbranti.

By financing the program using anticipated energy savings, and with Chevron Energy Solution's help in capturing more than $650,000 in expected solar incentives and rebates, the Dublin government will not need to invest any capital dollars to implement the transformative program.

"This is a goal the city has been talking about for years," Sbranti said. "Now, we see we can have the best of both of worlds. We're going green and realizing environmental benefits, but we're also seeing huge financial benefits in saving $14 million over the next 25 years."

"This is one of the most holistic, comprehensive energy action plans of any city in the country," he added. "This is a really exciting day for Dublin."

Citing the environmental and financial benefits of the program, Vice Mayor Kevin Hart added, "This program is a true reflection of Dublin's innovative spirit and our commitment to moving the City forward."

In addition to installing photovoltaic solar arrays at all city facilities to offset energy usage, Dublin also will replace approximately 3,000 streetlights with efficient LED lighting technology, which is expected to produce better light quality and result in lower ongoing utility and maintenance costs.

Other improvements include upgrades to interior and exterior lighting at city facilities, the pump and filtration system for the city's public swimming pool, and the air circulation systems at the Dublin Civic Center and public library.

Jim Davis, president of Chevron Energy Solutions, said energy efficiency experts worked closely with the city of Dublin to consider many possibilities in designing the energy action program. The company will engineer and install the various improvements and upgrades over the next few months, with construction expected to be completed by summer of 2013.


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