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Opinion - August 31, 2012


Play money for rich kids

Dear Editor,

I'm outraged to learn that Pete Stark's children are allowed to collect Social Security payments just because their father is eligible. Social Security is not meant to be "play money" for rich kids.

As you probably know, city and state employees who pay into Social Security are not allowed to collect 100% of the benefits they have paid and earned through their employment. It's considered double dipping. A retiree who is fortunate to get $3,000/month on city retirement is only permitted to collect 50% of Social Security benefits earned -- the rest is considered "windfall tax." Why can so many millionaires like Stark and his family fleece the public? Shame on him.

Cathleen Cordova

Night Out success

Dear Editor,

In early August, we celebrated National Night Out. This was the first one that I attended, and I'm glad I did. It was held at the corner of Hopyard and South Valley Trails.

There were lots of folks from the homeowners association and the local church working hard to make sure it was a success. There was lots of food, games for the kids, drawing prizes for lots of winners, and music.

We were lucky enough to have representatives from the Dublin Highway Patrol Office, Pleasanton Police Department (including a K9 team and Animal Control), Livermore-Pleasanton Fire Department, and City Councilman Jerry Thorne. I am sure all of these folks had a very busy night trying to cover all of the National Night Out events and stay on top of whatever emergencies there were.

Thank you to them for attending our event and for all they do throughout the year.

Susan Thomas


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