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News - August 10, 2012

Pooches pack Pleasanton

Doggies parade down Main plus perform tricks at park

by Dolores Fox Ciardelli

Last week's 1st Wednesday Street Party included the annual Pooch Parade, as dogs with their people crowded Lions Wayside Park to display costumes, tricks and fun events before parading up and down Main Street.

The winners of this year's contests were as follows:

* Senior pooches, 10 and older:

1. Pfeffer with Patrick Crowley

2. Sammy, Sarah Rich

3. Tigger, Aubrey Fisch

* Oldest pooch:

1. Sammy, Sarah Rich -- 15 years 3 months

* Cute enough as is, under 30 lbs.:

1. Tasha, Cheri Harrison

2. R2D2, Lisa Herrera

3. Aria, Gina Allen

* Best team outfit, human and pooch:

1. Kyley, Bubba Chooch, and Buddy, Kelly and Bethany Zummo and Dallas Strelo

2. Winston, Linda Taggart

3. Indy, Janine Mattison

* Cute enough as is, over 30 lbs.:

1. Guinness, Dan Shane

2. Oliver, Smita Kasargood

3. Kodi, Samantha May

* Farthest pooch:

1. Sandy and Aria, Ashleigh and Gina Allen from Sonoma

* Puppy fun (pooches 4 months to 2 years):

1. Posey, Debbie and Phil Wanlin

2. Poloka, Kathy Kellman

3. Cody, Sarah Banholzer

* Most creative costume, pooches only:

1. Bunny, Kathy Kellman

2. Merlin, Michelle Rousey

3. Jack, Jessica Markie

* Best trick:

1. Fiona, Kathy Kellman

2. Asha, Barbara Erwin

3. Bella, Lara Garza

The annual event is a fundraiser for the Tri-Valley Guide Dog Puppy Raisers.


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