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Community Pulse - July 27, 2012


Do you think the Penn State sanctions were too harsh?

Asked around town

Chris Johnson


I don't think it's very fair to the players, and it will just kill the program. If I was a football player, I wouldn't want to go to school there.

Peggy Ackley


No, I don't. What they covered up is pretty horrible.

Paul Truex

Life scientist

I don't think they were harsh enough; they should've given them the death penalty. There was a complete loss of control of the athletic department. If it was OK for SMU back in the day for simple ethics violations, it definitely should apply to Penn State.

Chris Murphy


They were not severe enough. The only reason that the sanctions weren't worse is because our society has a misalignment of priorities, and we place a higher value on college football than college itself. College football should be a club activity. Paterno knew his legacy would be tarnished, so he covered up an awful crime. They deserved the death penalty.

Ivan Robles


It seems like they will just end up hurting a lot of students, staff and athletes that really had nothing to do with the crime.

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