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Community Pulse - July 13, 2012


Are you concerned about the impact your Facebook activity might have in your future?

Asked on Facebook

Sheila Cross

Account executive

Yes I am concerned. I try to balance my professional life and my personal life with my fb posts. That way my business colleagues get a feel for my personality and see that I'm not all work and no play while my social friends see a little bit about my business life (:~)

Danielle CeizlerVarin

Studied Fire Service Management

No, I am not very concerned because I try to live my life in a manner that I have nothing to hide or be ashamed of.

Debbie Thodesen Niedecken

Married to Harry Niedecken

I am mindful of what I post for that very reason. The real trick is what others might post, and that's why FB recommends you actually KNOW the people you friend. One may need to purge or at least hide some comments or friends when looking to be in the working world.

Allison Gray-Cox

Studied at Chapman University

Yes, I do get concerned. I think there are many folks that frantically have to check their posts and then get involved with everyone's business! I tend to wonder what else people do with their day!:) I have to admit I am one who does enjoy Facebook myself, but you should do it in moderation and be careful on how much you post.

Ann M. Danen

Cook/Writer/Teacher at feed

I don't worry so much about my FB activity -- it's more the kids in my life whom I worry about. They are more active in social media and use it more rigorously than I do. I think about the impact their posts could make on their professional and academic careers. A little caution goes a long way!

Compiled by Kerry Nally


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