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Opinion - July 13, 2012


Opposing viewpoints

Dear Editor,

Fred Norman is a person of strong convictions. He has every right to express his opposition to the war in Afghanistan. However, I have grown weary of his criticism of his fellow citizens.

In the July 6 edition of the Pleasanton Weekly (Letters to the Editor), Mr. Norman announces his shame with the people of Pleasanton because of their lack of participation in his peace protest. Well, I am proud to live in Pleasanton and I'm proud to be an American. It is regrettable when ideologues will not tolerate opposing viewpoints.

Mike Hamilton

Supporting our schools

Dear Editor,

Please accept my congratulations on your excellent and timely editorial on our outstanding school district (July 6, "School district's new strategic plan reflects Pleasanton's high values").

All of the troubles throughout the world have led to large cuts to the funds normally available to our schools. The strategic plan approved by the district is the best we can expect until the economy improves. Our teachers, parents and grandparents, district staff and the city have all made unselfish contributions to establish a very good budget.

We now hope and pray for a gradual return to lower class sizes, more support staff and all the things we once "took for granted."

My thanks to you and the community for your support of our schools.

Jack Dove, longtime community activist

Successful Fourth

Dear Editor,

Thank you for publicity on our 14th annual all-volunteer Fourth of July event, "Celebrating Freedom and its Evolution since the Revolution," which undoubtedly helped us attract the record crowd for the concert and picnic in Lions Wayside Park. We estimate almost 1,000 people -- from infants to seniors -- came out to enjoy the program and the splendid weather.

We are grateful to our local American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars posts with their precision color guard, plus a 21-gun salute. Stirring music was provided by the Pleasanton Community Concert Band and vocalist Ward Belding ("Uncle Sam").

All of us learned more of our nation's history through the thought-provoking presentations by speakers Ernie Manzo and Ann Collins and poet Marilyn Slade. This was the second of four years commemorating the sesquicentennial of the Civil War, which shaped the nation we have become.

Lions Club members barbecued 900 hot dogs, and every one was eaten. Lions also provided hundreds of hand-held flags. One hundred lucky youths received a Meadowlark Dairy frosty provided by event sponsor Heritage Bank of Commerce. Audience members also went home with free patriotic tattoos (of the temporary variety). ACCUSPLIT was the music sponsor and also printed the 615 programs.

Boy Scout Troop 908 and parents were of great help in setting up and later packing up the shade canopies, decorations and other equipment.

To put together this 90-minute "Celebrating Freedom" program, our planning team begins meeting in January. On Fourth of July, nearly 100 volunteers come together to provide the opportunity for our community to reflect on what Independence Day is really all about.

W. Ron Sutton & Jerri Pantages Long, Co-Producers

Outstanding 2012 Fair

Dear Editor,

As a 41 year resident of Pleasanton and a regular attendee of the Alameda County Fair each year, I can truly say that the 100th Anniversary Alameda County Fair was truly outstanding in every way -- the rides, the shows (the new format of one show at 7 p.m. that usually ran for an hour and a half with many standing room only crowds), the back-up lawn area for viewing the "standing room" only shows, the midway, the livestock arena with all kinds of farm animals, the horse racing, the three great fireworks shows, and on and on, made it a great 100th anniversary Alameda County Fair season.

It is easy to see why the Alameda County Fair is the "most recognized" County Fair in the United States. Many, many thanks to Alameda County Fair Chief Executive Officer Rick Pickering, Events and Marketing Manager April Mitchell, and to all the full and part time workers of the Alameda County Fair who gave a 100% effort to make the Fair the best ever. Job well done.

Chris Miller


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