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Community Pulse - June 29, 2012


What are your plans for July 4?

Asked around town



My friend Brooke and I are going in our court with our families and some dogs. We're going to have dinner together. I have a new baby brother named Max and it will be his first Fourth of July, so I'm excited.

Ailsa Smith

College student/camp counselor

I am a counselor at a summer camp, and we have a carnival with many activity booths for the campers. It's really fun. I'm Scottish, so growing up my family would get together with our Scottish and English friends to barbecue and play games. It wasn't really to celebrate the holiday as much as simply a day to enjoy each other and relax.

Chloe Bowyer


We are having a party at my grandma's house in Oakley. My mom is very creative and crafty, so she is in charge of decorating. I'm going to help her plan and make everything. We'll watch the fireworks and have a fun time together.

Kennedy Poplawski

High school senior

I'll celebrate the Fourth with my family and our neighbors. Every year, we have a big block party, and we barbeque, swim, play games and have small fireworks. It's really fun.

Chase Barkdull


My family and I are going on vacation to Newport Beach. We're going to relax, have fun and, hopefully, shoot off a few fireworks.

Compiled by Kerry Nally


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