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- June 8, 2012

Say goodbye to Sybase; it's now SAP

New German owner puts name on its Dublin corporate center

SAP is changing the way it works with Sybase, the Dublin company whose blue-tinted windows on its multi-story building dominate the intersection of Hacienda Drive and Dublin Boulevard.

The Sybase sign at the building's base has been removed and will soon be replaced by a SAP emblem of its new German owner. According to a report in Information Week, a business trade publication, this is a symbolic moment that emphasizes that Sybase has become merely a brand name attached to products offered by SAP.

SAP's co-chief executive officer Jim Hagemann Snabe spoke to the publication at the recent SAPPHIRE conference, stating the Sybase database team will help it to "accelerate the in-memory computing revolution."

He added that Sybase had to remain a separate company for some time after the takeover to ensure its customers were retained. Its skills and knowledge can now be used to harness SAP's developments in areas such as mobility and perhaps enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, he told Information Weekly.

SAP recently outlined a new strategy that focuses on "cloud" technology, which it is hoping to implement by making use of the infrastructure and expertise of SuccessFactors, another firm Germany-based SAP has previously taken over.


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