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News - June 1, 2012

Pleasanton woman to carry Olympic torch

Sarah Williams, 19, a Pleasanton resident who started the Creative Kindness blanket project that produced thousands of blankets for foster children, has been chosen by Coca Cola as one of 22 Americans who will carry an Olympic torch through the United Kingdom in advance of the Summer Olympics, which begin July 27 in London.

The torchbearers were picked for living positively, making a difference in communities, and being active in programs that help the planet.

"Williams strove for sustainability and created Legacy Blanket Kits where tools and materials are replenished by each blanket-maker and passed on," Coca Cola explained on its website. "Her project has now touched the lives of 15,000 foster children."

Williams said she believes that carrying the torch is symbolic of life's journey -- that as the torch is passed we must celebrate the journey of life and recognize that we are more alike than different.

Williams was recognized in 2009 by the U.S. Congress with a Congressional Gold Medal Award for her volunteer work and public service.


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