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Community Pulse - May 11, 2012


What made this a fun run?

Asked at the Walnut Grove Fun Run fundraiser

Grace Lozano


I ran 18 laps and I raised ten bucks for my school. We did a flash mob for Mr. Vranesh and I practiced for a long time. I told my parents that I needed to eat a big breakfast so that I was ready to run, so they made me oatmeal and toast. We decorated ourselves in our classroom. It was really fun.

Janet Grell

Fun Run co-coordinator/stay-at-home mom

Watching everyone show their school spirit and come together as a community to raise much-needed funds for our children made this a very fun run.

Christopher Reese


It's all about raising money and running together. I got a lot of exercise and more muscles. I've been excited about today for two weeks, and I loved coloring my shirt and making over $200 for my school.

Kristy Palfalvi


I really enjoyed the entire event. My kids' enthusiasm was contagious, and my husband and I have been almost as excited as they have been for weeks. The students were able to raise money for their school in a positive, healthy way, and it was great to see their proud faces at the end of the run. The Thriller flash mob was a great surprise, too…I love me some MJ.

Alex Stokoe


I liked dressing up and running around the track. I raised $59 because I ran 19 laps. It was good for our bodies and fun to run with my friends.

Compiled by Kerry Nally