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Cover Story - May 11, 2012

Family resemblance

Mom-daughter lookalikes are plentiful in Pleasanton

by Dolores Fox Ciardelli

Wonderful photos of moms and daughters of all ages came pouring into our office for this year's Mother-Daughter Lookalike Contest. From more than 60 entries, the Pleasanton Weekly staff with great difficulty chose 10 finalist pairs, which were posted online for a week for our readers to vote.

Stephanie and Alyssa Persin won by a landslide, receiving several hundred votes more than those who came in second.

Maybe the Persin offspring helped spread the word: Stephanie and David Persin have seven children ages 10-23, as well as a 1-year-old. Alyssa, 17, is a senior at Foothill High.

"She's the one that most resembles me," Stephanie said.

Not too long ago when Stephanie was driving down the street a neighbor thought it was Alyssa, although she doesn't drive yet, and reported it to Stephanie.

The photo entered was a recent one, said Stephanie.

"During spring break we had all the kids together and took family pictures," she said.

Dad David took photos with the contest in mind, he said, and entered the photo without telling anyone -- until the Persins were posted online at as finalists.

"Alyssa was excited and told her friends," Stephanie said. "They spread the word."

Stephanie and Alyssa will receive a $100 gift certificate to Whole Foods as their prize.

The second-place winners are Linda Zaiss and her daughter Nicole Brown, who work together at RPM Mortgage in downtown Pleasanton. They won a $50 gift certificate to Strizzi's Restaurant.

Their photo was also sent in secretly, by Nicole's husband, Willie, who is a teacher and coach at Amador Valley and Foothill high schools.

"Originally they didn't know I sent it in. Once they were in the top 10, I told them," Willie said. "I've seen the contest the last couple of years, and people always said Nicole and her mom looked alike."

"People think she's my sister," Nicole said.

One good thing about the resemblance is that they wear the same size, she added.

"She gets high-end clothes so I go over to her house to share," Nicole said with a laugh.

Linda said that more often recently when she and Nicole meet people they say they look alike.

"That picture was taken on a wine tour the weekend before," Linda said. "When she sent it to Willie, he said, 'You guys look so much alike.'"

Linda said if she'd done the entry she probably would have dressed them in matching outfits. Nonetheless the resemblance comes through.

Nicole and Willie Brown have two little girls, Maddyn, 1-1/2, and Cameryn, 3-1/2. They have blond hair and blue eyes and resemble their dad, Nicole said.

David Persin doesn't think any of their eight children take after him.

"Thankfully they all look like Stephanie," he said.


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