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Community Pulse - May 4, 2012


Do you think parents are too protective these days?

Asked around town

Luke Palfalvi


Yes. I'm not allowed to play video games on weekdays and I think I should be able to. I'll let my kids play anytime they want. I also want to get a phone, but my parents think I should be at least 13.

Tosh Scoffield

Graphic designer

I do. Back in my day, we used to ride our bikes to school and walk everywhere. I don't think the risk is necessarily any greater now, but we know more because of the media. We are protective because we need to be, but wouldn't it be wonderful to trust our community enough to allow our children to have the freedom we had growing up?

Kim Kirschner

Teacher in a prior, pre-kid life

When I was a child, we were able to play in the front yard without our parents worrying. Kids can't do that anymore, and that is why they are so scheduled with extracurricular activities during the week. It just doesn't seem safe now. I am one of those overprotective parents; I would never forgive myself if something happened.

Leah Lozano


I want to be able to carry my softball bucket on my bike, but my dad worries that I'll tip over. He makes me wear a helmet, too. I also think I should be able to swim in the deep end of the pool, but he won't let me do it by myself. My sister Grace and I want to go to the park by ourselves, but we can't.

Rebecca Choudhry


I grew up overseas on a military base, so it was much different. I think parents need to be protective, because in today's world they can't be too careful. It would be nice if it was safe enough for kids to be able to play without so much supervision, but it isn't realistic anymore.

Compiled by Kerry Nally


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