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Opinion - April 27, 2012


End oil dependence

Dear Editor,

The Union of Concerned Scientists has developed a plan to cut America's projected oil consumption in half by 2030 by boosting the fuel economy of our vehicles, producing clean biofuels, expanding public transportation options, and investing in the next generation of advanced vehicles that no longer rely exclusively on oil.

We need real solutions, not just talking points. Whether we like it or not, oil is not a long-term solution. It's a short-term, limited resource that will run out soon and destroy our health and our environment in the process.

If the federal government is too crippled, it's time for us to start locally. What is Pleasanton doing to stop climate change and end America's dependence on foreign oil? There are many steps that we can take at a local level to do our part. For example, why don't we pledge to make all city vehicles hybrids or run on bio-fuels? Why not put solar panels on all city and school buildings to reduce energy costs?

It's time to take our destiny into our own hands and do our part to save our city's budget and our planet, and stop waiting for others to solve our problems.

Jon Rosell