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Arts & Entertainment - March 9, 2012

Spend 'An Evening with Isadora Duncan'

Famous dancer to swoop into Pleasanton

Isadora Duncan, the early 1900s dancer famous for both her modern poetic dance style as well as her unusual and untimely death, will take to the stage in Pleasanton on Tuesday evening as part of the Museum on Main's Ed Kinney Lecture Series that offers "An Evening With..." famous people in history.

Lois Ann Flood will portray the flamboyant dancer at 7 p.m. March 13 at the Firehouse Arts Center. The eventis being held in March in honor of Women's History Month.

A hundred years ago, Duncan brought free-flowing costumes, bare feet and loose hair to stages throughout America, Europe and into Russia, and is still credited with being the creator of modern dance, even 85 years after her death. She died as dramatically as she had lived, strangled and nearly decapitated when her long trailing scarf was entangled in the spokes of a wheel of a sports car.

"The presentation by Flood is both culturally enriching and entertaining," said museum organizers. "Flood delivers a rare opportunity to witness the vitality and force that made Duncan a world famous dancer.

"Duncan's choreography, reflecting on her stunning choice of classical music, expresses a range of styles from lyrical to dramatic to revolutionary dances."

The speaker series, "An Evening With..." lets audiences come face to face with people making history today as well as actors who look and sound as if they have stepped out from the pages of history books. It takes place once a month January through October at the Firehouse Arts Center, 4444 Railroad Ave. in Pleasanton.

Tickets may be purchased at the door or reserved in advance by calling the Museum on Main at 462-2766. Ticket prices are $10 for general admission; $5, members and seniors; $3, students/teachers. All tickets are paid at the door.

The evening with Isadora Duncan is being sponsored by an anonymous donor.


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