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Community Pulse - February 3, 2012

Police Bulletin

Police re-arrest brothers busted for running a meth lab

Two men charged with running a meth lab out of their home were arrested on new charges after police stopped by their home last week.

Robert Willard Magoon, 52, and his brother, Matthew Robert Magoon, 42, were both arrested Jan. 27 for possession of a non-narcotic controlled substance and paraphernalia when police stopped by to do a probation check.

Robert Magoon was ordered to serve six months in jail after the original arrest in 2010, when police went to their home in the 800 block of Angela Street to serve an arrest warrant on Matthew Magoon on unrelated charges.

On March 10, 2010, police found evidence Robert Magoon had built a small clandestine drug lab to make methamphetamine. During the investigation, police turned up evidence that included glassware, beakers, propane tanks, tubing, acetone, salts, powders, smoking devices, a substance used for making methamphetamine, a digital scale and packaging. Matthew was initially charged, but those charges were later dropped.

During the 2010 investigation, the Department of Justice Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement agents went to the home to help investigate and dismantle the lab; the Livermore-Pleasanton Fire Department hazardous material crews went to the home as a precaution.

A probation check also led to the arrest of Richard Cordova, 23. Cordova was arrested at about 3:43 p.m. Jan 24 in the 3800 block of Vineyard Avenue for possession of stolen property, possession of a controlled substance with intent to sell, possession of a controlled substance and possession of a hypodermic needle.

Cordova was arrested in 2007 on charges of assault with a deadly weapon and felony vandalism. The victim in that case, a 17-year-old Foothill High School senior, was attacked at a house party with a baseball bat and wooden chair, in addition to being hit and kicked.

Under the law, those arrested are considered innocent until convicted.


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