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Opinion - January 20, 2012


Rides for seniors

Dear Editor,

For all retired citizens, there are many things that have changed in our lives. We see more doctors, change our diets, have difficulty in driving and in many ways need help from others.

All of forget sometimes to acknowledge the help we get from others. Here in Pleasanton we are blessed to have a Senior Center and a Senior Support Program, which are staffed by unusually dedicated staffs and a large number of volunteers.

Wheels Buses serve us very well, but they are not organized to attend to the many needs of individuals. (This is not meant as criticism of Wheels who do very well what they are chartered to do.)

Pam Deaton, manager of the Senior Center, has organized the Downtown Route, which provides rides for seniors to hospitals, supermarkets, the mall and a large number of other places requested by seniors. All of this for $1.50 per day. In addition to this service, there are specially equipped paratransit vans, which take seniors to dialysis, doctors offices, etc.

I would hope that your readers would make themselves aware of how they can use the excellent services. Those seeking schedules or more information can stop by the Senior Center or call 931-5376.

Jack Dove