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News - December 9, 2011

Chinese restaurant robbed at gunpoint

Man passes register, robs owner instead

by Glenn Wohltmann

An armed robber held up Gold Chopsticks Chinese restaurant Dec. 3 but didn't get any money from the register.

Jenny Ling, who runs the restaurant with her husband, said she was sitting behind the take-out counter near the cash register when the holdup man ran in, right past her. Instead, the man approached her husband, who was near some corner tables, not far from where a single table of diners was eating.

Her husband took out his wallet when confronted by the robber.

"He took money from his wallet. ... The guy was crazy," Ling said, explaining that her husband gave the man several twenties.

She said the man was unhappy with what he was given and grabbed the remainder of the money from the wallet.

"I got mad and said, 'Why'd you take all the money?' and he pointed the gun at me," she said.

The man then ran from the restaurant which is on Santa Rita Road near West Las Positas Boulevard. Ling described him as a thin black man, 18 to 25 years old. A complete description was not available from the Police Department.

A K-9 search was ordered, according to a police report. No arrest was made.


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