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News - December 2, 2011

Martial arts training allows pharmacist to fight off attacker

Former employee charged

by Glenn Wohltmann

A Danville man is in custody on an attempted murder charge in a Nov. 5 attack on his former employer, according to a Pleasanton police who said the would-be victim' martial arts training saved him.

Benjamin Glover, 27, was arrested Nov. 22 in connection with the stabbing of Henry Ho.

Ho was attacked by Glover inside his store, Medicap Pharmacy, in the 1900 block of Santa Rita Road, police said. Ho, owner and pharmacist at Medicap, said that on the morning of Nov. 5, Glover entered the store wearing a hoodie over his head and a medical surgeon's mask on his face.

Glover approached the counter, asked Ho if he recognized him and removed his mask. Ho told police the behavior was suspicious but he was comfortable with Glover, who had worked for him for four years until he was fired a year ago.

Glover asked to speak with Ho who invited him back to the office of the pharmacy. After a five-minute conversation, Glover attacked Ho, without provocation or motive, by stabbing Ho in the neck with a knife or a similar small cutting instrument the release says.

Ho's quick reflexes and martial arts training enabled him to fend off the attack, police said. After Ho deflected the first attack, Glover stood over him and attempted to stab him two more times, according to police, who said Glover the fled the pharmacy, leaving Ho with a five-inch incision in his neck.

After the investigation was completed, a warrant was sought for Glover and he was arrested at his home in Danville. Glover was booked at Santa Rita Jail where he is currently in custody.

Notification of the arrest was delayed due to the sensitive and complex nature of the investigation, police said. Anyone with information that may aid in the ongoing investigation is urged to contact the Pleasanton Police Department at 931-5100.


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