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Opinion - November 18, 2011


Sour note at event

Dear Editor,

What a wonderful program that was presented Nov. 6 at the Veterans Day Ceremony. The tributes to all veterans who served during the period from World War II through current times were very moving. Added to this moving experience was the music provide by our Pleasanton Community Concert Band.

The only sour note was provided by one of the politicians who was present and had a brief part of the program. County Supervisor Nate Miley wore his baseball cap during the whole program, even during the Pledge of Allegiance and the National Anthem. I assume he did not do this out of disrespect of our country, but merely he does not know how to respond to this situation. Has he never attended a sporting event when spectators are asked to remove their hats? Maybe he is busy at those times doing other things, like soliciting votes.

Hal Nygaard


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