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- October 7, 2011

Popular Bibiane Bakery closes

Owners searching for larger space to expand business

Bibiane Bakery, the popular bakery and coffee shop located at 349 Main St. in downtown Pleasanton, closed its doors last Friday, ending a five-year run as a key customer attraction in Tully's Plaza.

Pat Beck, who owns Bibiane along with her husband Skip and their daughter and the bakery's pastry chef Amy Fitzsimons, said the bakery has outgrown its floor space.

"With only 750 square feet of total space here, we can't meet the growing wholesale business we have and need to move on," she said. "We need triple the space we have now."

While she'd prefer to stay in downtown Pleasanton, she said her business is also considering tenant relocation offers from Dublin and Livermore.

The Becks, utilizing the professional skills of New York-trained Fitzsimmons as their pastry chef, opened the bakery in 2006. Business slumped, as it did for many retailers, with the recession starting in 2008, but contracts to supply specialty rolls, breads, cakes and other pastries to local restaurants and caterers have helped grow the business.

"Once we have signed on to a larger place, we hope to woo these accounts back," Pat Beck said.

Beck said she'd prefer staying in Tully's Plaza for its ambiance and atmosphere.

"If I could knock down a few walls, we could stay here and increase the size of our kitchen," she said. "But Coldstone is next door on one side and Fontina's Restaurant on the other side, so that's not possible."

Beck's last day was like any other as she locked the door, posting the "Closed" sign as she left. With her lease running through Oct. 31, the Bibiane crew will use the month to consider other options and remove their customized kitchen equipment.

As for Fitzsimmons, she's been a pastry chef for 16 years and has worked for some of the top caterers and restaurants in San Francisco.

"She's in big demand and will have no trouble moving on when she chooses," Beck said.


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