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Community Pulse - September 30, 2011

Police Bulletin

Wal-Mart incident elevated to robbery

A simple shoplifting charge was elevated to robbery in a Sept. 24 incident at Wal-Mart, a police report said.

A man had stolen small items and was leaving the store when another man attempted to stop him to make a citizens' arrest; the thief pushed his accuser, according to the report. California law defines robbery as taking property "by means of force or fear."

No arrest has been made.

In other police reports:

A burglary in the 7000 block of Commerce Circle netted a $1,200 laptop; the break in occurred between 9:18 and 9:28 p.m. Sept. 23. Police received an alarm call and discovered the rear window of the business had been broken.

Also, two bicycle rims worth $6,000 were stolen from a shop in the 700 block of Main Street Sept. 21.


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