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Opinion - September 16, 2011


Forgotten jewelry store

Dear Editor,

I was reading your article about the Vintage Hills shopping center. It was interesting but although you were so detailed about all the businesses currently occupying the center you forgot to mention that there is a jewelry store (GoldNtime) there as well, and in fact has been for the last three years. It is a customer of yours as well, placing ads from time to time.

So please, next time try to mention me as well, next to the Sushi restaurant and and the gym and the coffee shop. Have a nice day and thank you.

We must save our heritage homes

Dear Editor,

We appreciated reading your editorial Sept. 9 reviewing the loss of our heritage property in a neighborhood marginalized by a series of poorly designed developments. Those designs do not reflect any of the architecture of the street's quaint vintage homes as called for in the Downtown Specific Plan. Neither does the project approved that evening.

In 2010, Pleasanton Heritage Association began a recognition of heritage homes with exterior plaques showing the age of the house. This is only a beginning. The city needs to strengthen its existing guidelines and protect our remaining historic neighborhoods. With strong editorials urging this and community groups pressuring for reform, the fabric of the historic city may be saved.

Thank you, again, for your excellent editorial.

Keep downtown charming

Dear Editor,

The reason that I chose to move to Pleasanton 15 years ago was due to its character and charm in and around the downtown area. At that time, there were five antique stores on Main Street, the existing Pleasanton Arch sign over Main Street, and older homes on or around Second Street, St. Mary's and St. John's.

I am a California native, but spent three years working on the East Coast. The East Coast seems to value history and historic buildings. I would like to see Pleasanton put as much pride into maintaining its heritage and preserve the older homes and neighborhoods that we currently have.

There are plenty of neighborhoods where people can build modern homes if they choose to do so. Let's keep the downtown heritage homes preserved and maintain the uniqueness of Pleasanton.

Protect old homes

Dear Editor,

Kudos to the Weekly for its insightful editorial on the pressing need to update the Downtown Specific Plan to protect Pleasanton's heritage.

In its evaluations of older buildings, Pleasanton should look beyond its current reliance on state and federal regulations of historic properties and develop its own standards for our heritage buildings, based upon the values we as a community hold dear.

There are no more 100-year-old homes being built in Pleasanton. We must protect the ones we are lucky enough to have and protect them now. The Downtown Specific Plan must be updated before they are all gone.

Jennifer Pearce


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