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News - September 2, 2011

Anti-drug group honored by district attorney

Mothers with a Purpose named 'Nancy's Heroes'

by Glenn Wohltmann

The members of Mothers with a Purpose have been honored by Alameda County District Attorney Nancy O'Malley for their work in fighting prescription drug abuse.

They were among several individuals and groups named "Nancy's Heroes" at the O'Malley awards banquet, a fundraiser held last Thursday night at the Alameda County Fairgrounds.

Mothers cofounders Kelly and Donna accepted the honor on behalf of the group. They asked that their last names not be used so potential members will be assured that they'll have anonymity.

"These are two incredible women, and actually, they're the leaders of a whole group of women, many of whom are here tonight," O'Malley told the crowd of about 150.

O'Malley gave a brief history of how Donna and Kelly, who'd known each other before, met up again after their sons "had become victims of prescription drug abuse."

"They become 'victims' of dirty doctors who over prescribe prescription drugs, and the result is that children become addicted, and then they spend their lives in recovery trying to be able to beat that addiction," O'Malley said.

"What Kelly and Donna did, once they realized they had a similar situation -- they turned that around and made it a cause," O'Malley continued. "Since they've gotten together, they've brought together more than a hundred mothers and some dads, who are suffering or are looking at the same issues within their own family."

The district attorney commended the two for the courage they showed in talking openly about their problem.

"Kelly and Donna spoke out about the suffering their children have gone through and their families have gone through as the result of addiction and prescription drug abuse," O'Malley told the crowd.

She said she learned about prescription drug abuse from the Livermore police and made combating it one of the goals of the District Attorney's Office, through education and by prosecuting "dirty doctors."

"I'm proud to say that we have, now, five cases pending against doctors that we are alleging have over prescribed prescription medicine," O'Malley said.

She said Mothers with a Purpose is making a difference in the community, and that Donna and Kelly are leading "an incredible group of women."

"They've made it OK to talk about things we don't usually talk about," O'Malley said.