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Opinion - July 29, 2011


Fabulous, and free

Dear Editor,

Wow -- the folks from San Francisco Shakespeare have really done it this time. I'm just returning from tonight's production of "Cymbeline" in the Amador Valley Community Park, and I had to sit down and write.

This production is absolutely fabulous. Everything from the acting, to the costumes, to the set, completely nails it. It's hard to believe something like this can be pulled off on such a shoestring budget under which I know the Festival operates. Pleasanton should show support and be very proud to have such a wonderful experience in this town. Consider it a luxury.

Among a whole cast of amazing actors, a particular stand-out, Craig Marker, changes from one role to another absolutely seamlessly, and it is worth the price of free admission just to see this professional perform his craft. Anywhere else, a production of this caliber would easily be a $50-plus ticket. Yet, this is high quality theater, in a beautiful setting -- and did I mention absolutely free?!? Simply unbelievable.

I personally think this is one of Shakespeare's most challenging pieces, but knowing this only makes it all the more fun. I suggest doing a few minutes of Internet research before attending to understand exactly what is happening, and this engaging, complicated plot line unfolds like a dream.

The play runs for two more weekends, so make sure to check it out and bring friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, and your co-worker's neighbor's friends to join you at this event, as nobody will be disappointed in this amazing show.

San Francisco Shakespeare Festival Fan,

Rob Woodworth