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News - July 29, 2011

2 days of calls wrongly ID'd as from city utilities

Investigation continues into annoying messages

by Jeb Bing

A number of Pleasanton households received calls late Monday and early Tuesday from a telephone number identified as the city of Pleasanton's.

The number showing on telephones with Caller ID was 931-5425, the city's utility billing department.

Joanne Hall, public information officer, said the city's phone vendor has determined that these calls were not originating from the city of Pleasanton telephone equipment.

"The calls have been traced to a Northern California company that claims to have inadvertently entered a wrong number into their system, said Allen Hammond, Pleasanton information technology manager.

Hammond said the calls have been stopped, thanks to a block put on by AT&T on Tuesday and contact with the company in Northern California. He said information about the incident has been forwarded to city management to decide what steps, if any, should be taken against the company.

"We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused," Hall said.


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