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Community Pulse - June 10, 2011

Police Bulletin

Man arrested on robbery charge after pizza theft

A theft of two slices of pizza led to the arrest of a Pleasanton man on robbery charges, according to a police report.

The victim was walking near Main and Vervais streets with a box of pizza shortly after midnight June 2 when he was approached by two men, who asked him to give them the pizza, then offered to buy it. When the victim refused, one of the men took the box, which had the victim's wallet and cell phone on top, and walked away, the report said. The victim followed the men asking for his property back, then called police after the cell phone fell off the box.

Less than an hour later police were called to a loud party on Silver Street, not far from the robbery. Officers there spotted two men who matched the descriptions of the pizza-thief suspects; both were taken into custody, but the victim was only able to identify one, the report said.

Nicholas Magobet, 22, of Pleasanton was arrested on a robbery charge.

In other police reports:

Two men were arrested on drug sale charges after police helping with the eviction of squatters spotted items commonly used by drug users and conducted a search.

The incident occurred at 1:45 a.m. June 1 in the 4400 block of Mohr Avenue. Both men were under probation, which allowed police to search their items. That search led to the arrest of Edward Odell, 34, and Ryan Miles, 32.

Miles, who was on probation for drug charges, was charged with possession of a controlled substance with intent to sell for prescription pills, and for possession of a prescription in another's name. Police also discovered an illegal baton and found a suitcase being used had been stolen, leading to a weapons charge and a charge of possession of stolen property.

Odell, who was on probation for car theft, was charged with possession with intent to sell a controlled substance.