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Real Estate - May 27, 2011

Tri-Valley sees 27 home foreclosures in latest report

Values range from $1-million to low of $139,700 with 4 in Pleasanton

by Jeb Bing

Foreclosure activity showed a significant increase last month in Pleasanton, Dublin, Livermore and San Ramon despite a slight surge in conventional sales and an uptick in the economy.

Only recently, Mark Skilling reported on his site that foreclosure sales saw a dip with bank-owned inventories (REOs) mostly flat.

Some Realtors suggested that sales opportunities in the mid- to-low-priced housing market fell because incentives for first-time homebuyers went away. That left more sellers whose home mortgages were more than they could afford with fewer prospective buyers.

Pleasanton saw four foreclosures in April, according to CalREsource, a real estate reporting service.

They ranged from a 903-square-foot home on Arroyo Court that was obtained by Dublin Limited for $139,700 to a 1,368-square-foot home on Francisco Street that was valued at $570,000

Five foreclosures took place last month in Dublin, with investment groups acquiring properties ranging in value from $245,500 for a 1,234-square-foot home on De Marcus Boulevard to a 3,790-square-foot home on Woodrose Circle, acquired by the Silvergate Investment Group for $708,400.

Livermore saw the most foreclosures during the month, with 10 listed between April 7 and April 25. The lowest-priced foreclosure was a 960-square-foot home on Elm Street, taken over by JP MorganChase Bank for $199,203. The most expensive was a 2,274-square-foot home on Ridgecrest Circle, acquired by ING Bank for $602,799.

There were eight foreclosures last month in San Ramon, ranging from $149,121 for a 949-square-foot home on Reflections Drive to a 4,558-square-foot home on Calico Court that was taken over by Bank of America for $1,007,500.

This report is provided by California REsource, a title abstracting company. The home addresses, sales price, square footage and other data are based on information supplied from property transaction records which, in some cases, may not be complete.

Neither the Pleasanton Weekly nor California REsource guarantees the completeness or accuracy of the information. Questions or requests for additional information should be directed to Cal Resource at


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