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News - April 8, 2011

Scam alert

Phone and mail solicitations by fake Salt River Project employees

by Glenn Wohltmann

The Salt River Project, an energy provider in Arizona, is warning people about a number of scams being operated using the company's name.

In one scam a caller offers cash or incentives to provide information on energy-saving programs, according to a release from the firm; caller ID shows an invalid Salt River Project phone number, (602) 236-7290, with callers trying to obtain personal information to make illegal purchases. Calls back to that number indicate it is not in service.

Other scams are related to the sale of residential solar energy systems, and a mail fraud scam involving a fake SRP check and the promise of more money; the company said in its release that the checks look real but are not from the company. Often, those checks are accompanied by a letter asking a customer call to verify receipt of the check, and a victim will be put on hold and subject to expensive pay per-minute charges

SRP said in its release that company employees never call asking for personal information, that it does not sell products or services door-to-door or offer cash to solicit appointments. Anyone concerned over a telephone or mail solicitation should call the company at (602) 236-8888 to verify employee identification and program information.

Pleasanton police Sgt. Jim Knox said his department has not had any reports of the scam although a resident brought the scam to the attention of the Pleasanton Weekly. Anyone suspecting a scam is advised to call the Pleasanton Police Department at 931-5100.


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