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Opinion - March 25, 2011


No new taxes

Dear Editor,

This is in response to your Editorial in your March 11 issue, "Amazon.com: pay sales taxes."

The notion of cultivating new taxes in the midst of a recession is not only foolish, but reckless. Your recommendation to impose new taxes on thriving retailers is to attack a segment of an already fragile economy. Furthermore, I'm disgusted with your notion that the taxing of Internet retailers in California is necessary to "maintain essential government services, such as schools, public safety and environmental protection." Repeatedly, the proposed solution for solving the state's fiscal mismanagement and overspending that has hurt these services is to raise taxes wherever possible and dump the burden on the taxpayer. I'm sickened not only by your advocacy of this approach, but that you feel it's justified.

The debate about fairness in the retail space over collecting sales tax is a reasonable discussion to have on the basis of competitiveness and free enterprise. It is not, however, a discussion to be had as a way to collect more money to throw at a state budget in desperate need of reformation, not perpetuation.

Robert Allan


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