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Opinion - March 4, 2011


'Me, myself and I' society

Dear Editor,

Regarding the Castlewood Country Club/union dispute, we would like to add our opinion (not that it's anyone's business except Castlewood and the union), but since everyone is making it their business, here's our take on it.

A question for the hundred or so religious leaders and activists who through what means paid for a full page ad in the Weekly: Does the Board of Directors of Castlewood Country Club stick its nose into the operation of your churches and other religious businesses?

A question for the union leaders: Since the state has no money, the cities have no money, the citizens are losing their jobs and homes due to no money, the businesses have no money, where are you going with this?

Too many people in this country are on the greed train to nowhere. We have a "Me, myself and I" society today. Me! Me! Me! without any concern for the consequences of what this mindset is doing to other people involved, to other cities, to the country.

This selfish mindset is destroying the ability of our middle class to find jobs, keep homes, and send their children to college. Castlewood Country Club is a private business, free to hire anyone whether union or not. This is the United States of America ... not the united states of organized unions.

Wake up, people, and look at the bigger picture. Everyone is being forced to make sacrifices today due to poor choices of our federal government and the insistent crying of unions because they have bled the turnip dry but still want more.

Mr. & Mrs. Rennie Couper

Story brought walkers

Dear Editor,

Thank you for the Feb. 25 cover story on our "Walk-n-Talk" program of Saturday morning group walks. We were delighted to have 46 enthusiastic walkers join in the first trail walk, led by Dolores Bengtson on Feb. 26. For many, it was our first exploration of the trail system along the canal and arroyo -- a very scenic view of our community. Dolores has a wealth of information to share about how the trail system came into being as well as about local flora and fauna.

Our next trail hike will start at 9 a.m., Saturday, March 19, at Callippe Preserve Golf Course Trail, 8500 Clubhouse Drive. Dolores also will lead the way on this hike, which includes a bit of incline. No advance registration is necessary -- just show up, ready to walk'n'talk, getting your weekend off to a healthy start.

Less strenuous walks are held on the Saturdays between trail hikes, at our local public parks. We will be doing loop walks at Neilsen Neighborhood Park on March 5. This park is off Stoneridge Drive, just past St. Elizabeth Seton Catholic Church. All walks begin at 9 a.m. Contact Walks@WorldWalkToWellness.org to sign up for e-mail notification of future walks and trail hikes.

As always, the World Walk to Wellness events are free. However, we were gratified that generous walkers voluntarily donated $55 for Pleasanton Partnerships in Education (PPIE) Foundation) last Saturday.

Thank you for helping us let the community know about this weekly choice of a healthy lifestyle.

W. Ron Sutton (AKA "Mr. Pedometer"), Founder of World Walk to Wellness


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