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News - January 14, 2011

Baby anteater born at San Francisco Zoo

Officials say anteaters eat 30,000 ants a day

The San Francisco Zoo is welcoming the first giant anteater born at the zoo in a decade.

This could be good news for local homeowners who are complaining about an infestation of ants coming into kitchens and other parts of homes. But zoo officials say that while anteaters in the wild can consume 30,000 ants a day, the proud anteater parents and their newborn will stay in the San Francisco zoo.

The 2-year-old mother is a first-time mom. The father, 12-year-old Angelo, also fathered the zoo's last giant anteater, born in 2001. The new baby will ride on its mother's back for about one year.

Adult anteaters can grow up to 8 feet long, not including their tail, according to the zoo.

The anteater family will not be on display while the pair adjusts to the new baby. Zoo officials will notify the public when the anteaters are on exhibit again.

--Bay City News