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Opinion - January 2, 2009

Letter: School board mismanaged Neal School issue

Dear Editor,

As longtime resident of the Vineyard road corridor, I would like to express my displeasure at the way the Neal School project has been mishandled by the Pleasanton school board.

The suit by the board was brought to make Signature Properties and Standard Pacific build the Neal school now at a much higher cost. Did anyone think that Signature would sign a contract that would have them on the hook to build Neal School at any time at any cost? In their infinite wisdom, the school board filed a costly suit that now has the city on the hook for $4.5 million.

Instead of filing a suit that couldn't be won, they might have thought of a way to acquire the funds to build Neal School. Now they are filing another suit to recover the $4.5 million. One can only imagine how much this new suit will cost and guess that they will lose this suit as well. Let's assume it will cost $2.5 million. If they had used the $4.5 million spent on the original suit plus the funds being used for the current suit and added this to the $8 million Signature was willing to pay, they would have sufficient funds to build Neal School. In the meantime, hundreds of residents in Ruby Hill and the Vineyard corridor drive their elementary school age children every weekday to different elementary schools all over Pleasanton. Casey, who makes $250,000 per year, and the entire school board, should resign, with a new one elected. It is clear they have mismanaged this situation and cost the taxpayers a lot of money without much to show for it.

Ralph Mele


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Posted by frank
a resident of Pleasanton Heights
on Jan 2, 2009 at 7:56 pm

If I recall correctly, the school was to be built for $8 MM. A whole school. Now where did $4.5 MM go? Exclusively to lawyers, no? How many lawyers? I would be interested in viewing a spreadsheet where on one side we have where the $4.5 MM was spent with a breakdown of lawyer details, how many, what hours they worked, and what each did to contribute to the lawsuit; and on the other side where $8 MM would have gone, to material suppliers, contractors, and tradesmen who actually would have built the school.

Doesn't seem to add up, doesn't it?

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Posted by Mike
a resident of Downtown
on Jan 7, 2009 at 2:59 pm

Its the government, nothing ever gets done right.. We already have enough schools, the problem is not building more schools, but keeping people out. WE'RE FULL!