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Opinion - October 10, 2008

Letter: I'm a converted Hosterman supporter

Dear Editor,

My wife and I have been residents of Pleasanton for 40 years. We have raised our family here, started our business here and intend to stay here. We are fortunate enough to have our family living in Pleasanton and our grandchildren are currently attending Pleasanton schools. Our family has always been active and concerned about Pleasanton politics. Our attitude has always been "what's best for Pleasanton."

The last election, we were very active in Steve Brozosky's race for mayor. We raised money for him, put up signs for him and did all we could do to get him elected. And we almost succeeded. My purpose for writing this letter is to tell the citizens of Pleasanton that we made a big mistake. Steve has taken a turn that has disappointed not only me and my family but many of the supporters that helped with Steve's campaign.

This year, we are supporting Jennifer Hosterman for mayor. We congratulate her for receiving the Chamber of Commerce endorsement. We congratulate her for her support of small business and we congratulate her for her "what's best for Pleasanton" attitude.

Please join me, my family and my friends this year to vote for Jennifer Hosterman for mayor. I'm sure we won't be disappointed.

Frank Capilla Pleasanton


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