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Opinion - July 18, 2008


Attorney General should listen to McNerney Dear Editor,

With a single gallon of gas quickly approaching the price of a decent meal, it is reassuring to see someone fighting the problem from all angles. In a recent letter to Attorney General Brown, Congressman Jerry McNerney urged an investigation into gas station exploitation, following on reports from New Jersey revealing gross price inaccuracies, incorrect octane levels, and inefficient equipment throughout the state's pumping stations.

In a time when every cent counts, it becomes increasingly important that the advertised price of fuel is the same as what's on the receipt. Entire websites and news stories are dedicated to helping consumers find the cheapest gas in their area. Is this all for nothing? McNerney also insists that stations must provide the correct octane ratings, particularly when consumers specifically choose one octane level over another. With gas prices quickly emptying the pockets of Americans everywhere, particularly here in our district, it is appalling to hear that irresponsibility and abuse are playing major roles in what we pay at the pump.

Hopefully New Jersey will not be the only state to inspect the unjust and unnecessary price discrepancies citizens are forced to face, and our Attorney General listens to Congressman McNerney and his constituents when we say "enough is enough." Maryam Taeb, Pleasanton Shakespeare performance unforgettable

Dear Editor,

I wish to publicly thank the Pleasanton Civic Arts Commission for one of my family's most treasured summertime experiences--Free Shakespeare in the Park.

We have been attending the SF Shakes performances since my now 12-year-old son Mark was 5. Seven years later, we cannot imagine a summer without taking in at least one of their delightful performances. This year was no exception. We saw "Pericles" on the first Sunday before opening night and were so delighted, we returned last Saturday for a second look. We walked away once again so thrilled and impressed with the quality and delivery of "Pericles", we plan on returning this Sunday for their last performance in Pleasanton. Each time we brought a different set of friends to share the experience with us.

I cannot adequately express how much joy and fun memories we have accumulated over the last seven years of Free Shakespeare in the Park. Know that our hearts are grateful, our minds expanded and even our souls have been touched. Thank you Civic Arts for bringing SF Shakes to our park every summer. Looking for many more years of joy. Cie Probst, Pleasanton Stick to good, small town news

Dear Editor,

I don't get it. We live here in this beautiful community with so much good going on and all you can slap on the cover of our small town community newspaper is a molestation story, ("Stronger Now," Cover Story, page 8, July 11).

My heart hurts for the families that had to go through what they did but I cannot believe this is what I had laying on my coffee table when I came home. I was packing up the Weekly to take on our vacation to snap our family picture holding the paper. Yeah....this is what I want my three children holding in our photo. I know you took a lashing after you put the "Murder in Castlewood" story on your cover a few months back. One would have thought you have realized that this kind of stuff is not what people are looking forward to reading in our small town community paper. My visiting friends who are looking to move to Pleasanton did not find this very welcoming. Thank goodness we were able to take them to Concerts in The Park last night to leave them with a much better feeling about Pleasanton than your paper. Kristin McAfee, Pleasanton


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