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Opinion - July 4, 2008


District should get back to basics

Dear Editor,

Your newspaper has covered the debacle of the Pleasanton Unified School District v. Signature Properties lawsuit very thoroughly during the past few months. I am a citizen of Pleasanton and as a result of the PUSD's incompetence, I along with all the other citizens of Pleasanton, am liable to pay possibly $5-6 million for nothing.

It is my belief that the PUSD board should fire all members of the administration who pursued this frivolous lawsuit and, after this is done, all members of the Board of Education who had anything to do with this outrageous legal blunder should resign for gross negligence of duty. Then we have to get back to basics--namely, educate our children to the best of our ability, follow the rules, and not to try to be cute. As for Cindy Galbo's comment, "We're a little disappointed...."--that is the understatement of all time. She probably is not a taxpayer in Pleasanton.

Francis Mahoney Pleasanton


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