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Community Pulse - June 6, 2014


What was your thought process in deciding to adopt a pet during Maddie's Pet Adoption Days?

Stoneridge Shopping Center

Lisa Valech

Mortgage broker

My cat died several months ago. My home just hasn't been the same without her. Now that I am getting over the sadness, I figured the perfect thing to do would be to adopt a pet who needs a home. So I just adopted two adult cats and I'm thrilled to be heading home with them.

Marco Tarin

HVAC installer

I have a cat already, and feel like he is lonely while I'm at work. So I wanted to adopt another, to keep him company. I am adopting a cat that looks like him because I think they might be more likely to get along well if they look alike.

Grant Westin

Maintenance worker

I am a fan of adopting a pet that needs a home because it is saving a life. And of course I am also a fan of "free." So to me, a free adoption is the perfect combination. It is doing something great, and getting something great, all at once.

Marcela Tinoco with daughter Linda


I want to help reduce the population of unwanted animals, and having a pet teaches children to be gentle and respectful of life. Also, I think rescued animals always make the best pets and are wonderful company.

Sally Mote-Yaffe

Singing instructor

Our dog has seemed so lonely since our elderly cat died last year. So even though I swore I would never get another pet, I figured the best thing I could do for the dog would be to find and adopt a sweet, friendly cat or kitten who needs a home, and make him part of our family.

Compiled by Nancy, Jenny and Katie Lyness


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