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"Smoke Hze on Pleasantoin Ridge"
Taken Aug 15, 2015

"Smoke haze on Pleasanton Ridge"
Taken Aug 15, 2015

"Water Conservation Pleasanton"
Taken May 19, 2014

"Blood Moon April 15, 2014"
Submitted Apr 15, 2014
Community Events
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"Beatrice The Bulldug"
Taken Apr 25, 2018

"Troop 916 Newest Eagle Scout"
Submitted May 9, 2015

Submitted Apr 19, 2014

"Meet The Fosters!"
Taken Mar 23, 2014
Just for Fun
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"Family game night"
Taken Apr 19, 2020

"Traffic Control At New Height"
Taken Apr 19, 2020

"Pleasanton Wedding!"
Taken Jan 14, 2017

"Route 66 Beginning - Chicago"
Taken Sep 13, 2015
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"BUSC U15 Elite Team Champions"
Taken Sep 28, 2014

"Gold at Hershey State Meet"
Taken Jun 14, 2014

"Bullseye Varsity Win In Tahoe!"
Taken May 26, 2014

"Bullseye AAU Team Camps Out"
Taken May 25, 2014
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"Save Water! Drink Champagne "
Taken May 4, 2018

"visiting NAU"
Taken Oct 10, 2017

"Chamber of Commerce trip"
Taken Nov 8, 2017

"Chamber of Commerce trip"
Taken Nov 6, 2017

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