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Michael Loyd Lester
July 16, 1955-Jan. 29, 2020
Fremont, CA

Michael Loyd Lester July 16, 1955 – January 29, 2020

The oldest of 4 children, Michael was born in Livermore, CA, to Loyd and Beverly (Fenton) Lester. Born the day before Disneyland opened, Mike, or Mikey, as many called him, was adored for his mischievous smile and larger-than-life, child-like personality. Whether he was putting on an elaborate holiday show, dressing up as “Pharmacy Dog” at his company picnic, or building an over-the-top backyard slide, he loved throwing a party and making people smile.

A romantic husband and dedicated father of 3, he was the ultimate 90’s dad, winning Christmas decorating contests, filming Ninja Turtle movies with his children, and unapologetically showing up to every school play, science fair, and dance recital with his VHS camcorder, lab coat, and Tom Selleck mustache.

He is famous for his epic, Chevy-Chase style road trips, packing 11 people into a seven-seater van with a camper on top that said “Going to Wally World.” An impatient explorer, he took his family on madcap, educational adventures across the U.S., Europe, Asia, and the Philippines, only stopping at McDonald’s to offer people two choices: “Hamburger, or Hamburger.”

A Pleasanton native, Mike graduated from Amador High School and went straight from Chabot Community College to UCSF, where he received his Doctorate in Pharmacy in 1980, one of the youngest members of his graduating class. A proud pharmacist for 35 years, he was beloved by coworkers and patients, and often said pharmacology was his “first love.”

One of his crowning achievements was his appearance on the KRON-4 television show, Health Matters, where he was recognized for his work with pediatric asthma. He went above and beyond to help others, especially children, and attached inhalers and peak flow meters to animatronic toys like Tickle-Me-Elmo to teach kids how to use their asthma medications.

The grandson of newspaper publishers, Leon and Lula Lester of The Pleasanton Times, Mike was an unexpected mix of mad scientist and quirky creative. He brought joy, laughter, and light-up kids toys to every room, and friends and family eagerly anticipated his hilarious inventions, and trademark comedic sayings like “Shush now!”, “STAT!”, and “Keep moving forward.”

Described as a truly loveable guy, Mike delighted in breaking rules and being different, encouraging those around him to live boldly and unapologetically be themselves. As he often said, wearing a light-up fedora or strange costume, “You know, it’s okay to be a little bit weird.”

The ultimate oddball entertainer and a true legend, Mikey will forever be remembered as the greatest dad, husband, uncle, son, and brother—and the funnest, and funniest guy in the room.

Michael is survived by his loving wife, Rosalinda; their three children, Megan, Shawn, and Jessica; his niece and nephews, Jacquie, Nik, and Christian—and many adoring friends, family members, and fans.

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