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Governor vetoes local bill on Alameda-Tesla Expansion Area

'No evidence' of state mismanagement, Newsom declares in veto of AB 1086

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The recent legislative winning streak of first-year Assemblywoman Rebecca Bauer-Kahan (D-Orinda) came to an end last week when Gov. Gavin Newsom declined to sign Assembly Bill 1086, which proposed giving the state the option of selling a piece of the Carnegie State Vehicular Recreation Area (SVRA) located southeast of Livermore to either a local government or nonprofit entity for conservation purposes.

The bill, which was co-authored by State Senator Steve Glazer (D-Orinda), attempted to address an ongoing battle for nearly two decades between the Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation Division and State Parks and local environmental advocates concerning off-highway expansion plans. Sales proceeds would have been mandatorily deposited in an Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation Division Trust Fund for future use at other sites identified as more appropriate for off-roading activities.

In a statement this weekend, Bauer-Kahan said she was “extremely disappointed” by Newsom’s veto of AB 1086, which “was crafted to be permissive” by not requiring a sale of the land.

“We have seen a huge decline in use of the current off-highway vehicle park, and after 20 years of litigation and non-use of the expansion area, there proves to be no need to see this land decimated,” Bauer-Kahan said. “Instead we will continue to see money wasted with state resources drained into endless litigation, and this biological treasure left open to future abuse.”

Newsom said in a veto message that there was no reason to sign the bill because the state has been doing its job just fine. “There is no evidence that the department has failed to conduct sufficient study of this property or is mismanaging this state resource,” Newsom said. “The park was purchased for the benefit of all Californians and should remain a state park.”

Glazer and his staff could not be reached for comment as of press time, but Kathryn Phillips, director of Sierra Club California, stated that Newsom “missed an opportunity to help solve a long-festering problem.”

“The Tesla area has been closed for decades because it is not suitable for off-highway use and has been embroiled in legal and other challenges,” Phillips said. “At a time when Californians are asking for more places close by where they can hike and enjoy nature away from the sounds of motorized vehicles, it’s hard to understand why the governor has vetoed this bill.”

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a resident of another community
on Oct 15, 2019 at 3:24 pm

Well, what can the OHV community say but cooler heads prevailed in the defeat of efforts by locals to stop the legal process of a State Park that followed the rule of law, even though legislative committee after committee kept AB-1086 (Kahan) moving to the desk of the Governor, who killed it. So the efforts of some, have how had TWO Governors who have NOT found merit in the bills regarding this facility to be sold out and used for other purposes than the law and statutes MANDATE. The question local taxpayers in the area should be asking is how much is it costing them to continue spending taxpayer money they PAY for the continued costs of litigation, cost of producing BAD BILLS that fail year after year, and the costs of sending representatives from Alameda County & EBRPD employees up to countless meetings year after year to ONLY say at hearing they support or oppose the bill(s) in 20 seconds and justify the COSTS of driving to Sacramento and back, parking, away from the job, etc., that the taxpayers cover..........
It is time to let Ca State Parks do its job and utilize the SVRA unit do what the laws says it is suppose to do with the land. The local area has plenty of parks for non-motorized recreation of all types paid by the taxpayers.
If another Bill comes forth from the Bills current author again, it will probably put her into a State Assembly Ethics situation with the Assembly Rules Committee and challenge her to WHY is she bringing a bill forward for a District issue that has FAILED 3 times over the last 3 years as bad bills that would and will continue to cost local taxpayer money to pay yet again for the pure goal to appeasing the few that have been pushing it over the greater good of ALL Californians. Local residents should not have to continue to foot the costs of this to appease the very people that SOLD the property to the State of California and were paid in full long ago. Thank You Governor Newsom for having clear focus on your decision to protect State Parks and the process, and for the greater good of ALL Californians and not just the few who happen to have political connections for personal gain......

In my humble opinion,
D. Pickett
Pioneer, Ca.

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Posted by Ridgerunner
a resident of Pleasanton Heights
on Oct 15, 2019 at 9:31 pm

Right on Mr Picket. Good to see Newsom use some reason in his governance. I’m a human powered outdoor enthusiast but I fully support that moterized enthusiasts need places to enjoy!

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Posted by Comonsenecratian
a resident of Pleasanton Valley
on Oct 16, 2019 at 4:17 am

Kahn and Glazer appear to be in the service of Garamendi. Stop already this is what is wrong with politics today. (D) in front of your name does not inoculate you from this type of political practice. I trek, backpack, hike, ride, and that area I'm sorry is not where I'm going to take my kids, there are a myriad of places in our area that offer so much open and space and wonder. This concept of "the ends justify the means type politics" has got to end. Orinda where Glazer and Kahn are is literally surrounded by amazing wonderful open space, hiking trails for miiilllles. Stay in your lane, represent your constituents , they voted you into office to represent the will of their communities, not to do political favors for one of the neighbors of this property.

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Posted by D. PICKETT
a resident of another community
on Oct 16, 2019 at 1:35 pm


In the Gut & Amend Bill process, it was changed VERY LATE in the session. Gut & Amend Bills submitted LATE in the calendar year are nothing more than "place-holder bills" and historically are killed in committee, as part of history & Honor. Most "professional" politicians know this, as ONE committee member stated in a hearing. They know history, and hate these kinds of bill submitted late on purpose... In this case, it was voted along party lines in committee. In ONE such committee, the Chairwoman was very rude, and allowed the SUPPORTERS of the bill time to talk, while the OPPOSITION folks were shut down to Support/Oppose single word comment. What does that say? Local folks favoritism was clear as a Senate/Assembly DISTRICT bill versus a STATE PARK issue with EMPHASIS on STATE. Hence, voting on a bill that affects ALL of the people in California, and NOT just the few pushing a bill to open a door that could cause harm to ALL Department of State Parks facilities. This is just wrong. If I was an Alameda County Resident, I would submit a Public Records Act to the Board of Supervisors and DEMAND a fiscal audit and statement for all costs concerned in the filing of a lawsuit AGAINST State Parks of which Alameda County did. The TAXPAYERS of Alameda County need to see where THEIR tax dollars are going to fund this frivolous lawsuit........... Perhaps Town Square could make the PRA and investigation and then report their findings? If I am correct, AC has been involved about 3 years now....
Again, Thank You to the Governor and his comments back to the author of the bill.
Just Say'in..... Dave

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