S.F.'s Sanctuary City policy questioned in wake of Pleasanton woman's death

Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi seeks public hearing after shooting death of Kathryn Steinle July 1

San Francisco Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi is urging San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee and the Board of Supervisors to hold a hearing on the city's Sanctuary City policy following a July 1 homicide allegedly committed by an undocumented, convicted felon.

In response to a letter from San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee earlier this week, calling on the sheriff to rescind the department's federal immigration communications policy, Mirkarimi sent a letter Wednesday asserting that the request raises legal conflicts that must be resolved immediately.

The shooting death of 32-year-old San Francisco resident and Pleasanton native Kathryn Steinle at Pier 14, and the subsequent arrest of undocumented immigrant, convicted felon and five-time deportee Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez has ignited a national debate over the city's Sanctuary City and Due Process for All ordinances.

Among those who have weighed in on the issue are presidential candidates Donald Trump, Hilary Clinton, and Martin O'Malley as well as local elected officials who say Lopez-Sanchez should not have been released onto the streets of San Francisco instead of handed over to ICE.

Mirkarimi said he wants a committee hearing to be held on the two ordinances that have come under fire.

The mayor maintains that the Sanctuary City Ordinance allows for the sheriff's department to communicate with federal immigration authorities regarding requests for notification pertaining to undocumented, convicted felons.

Lee also said "in certain circumstances" local law enforcement may notify federal officials when "a particular individual" is set for release. He said that type of action is not prohibited by the 2013 Due Process for All Ordinance.

Mirkarimi said an "open and honest conversation about the legislative intent and meaning of San Francisco's ordinances and how they comport with everyday enforcement of laws leading to deportations" is needed.

"Your letter does not provide legal clarity regarding my department's duty under city law," Mirkarimi writes.

Mirkarimi said that requiring the sheriff's department to contact federal immigration officials would gut the city's Due Process For All Ordinance, which both Mirkarimi and the mayor supported when it was created in 2013.

The sheriff maintains that his department does not honor ICE detainers and does not notify federal immigration officials about the release of undocumented immigrants from custody because without probable cause it would violate not only the Due Process for All Ordinance and the Sanctuary City Ordinance, but also the Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

In order for the sheriff's department to comply with the mayor's request, Mirkarimi said that the Board of Supervisors would need to amend the administrative code as it relates to honoring detainers or else appoint an administrative law judge to review immigration detainers and provide a warrant or finding of probable cause for those who federal immigration officials seek to detain.

— Bay City News Service

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Posted by Dave Francis
a resident of California Somerset
on Jul 17, 2015 at 3:07 pm


Compliment to this weak, incompetent President Obama, his Marxist Administration and his non enforcement at the US/ Mexican border, California is overrun with millions of illegal aliens. A report from the Population Reference Bureau data as of today show state population 38.897 million. If you can trust anything the U.S information bureaus admit, even if its not the truth?), has stated there are now 14 million Latino’s in the once great state, overtaking a lesser number of white Americans, black American, Asians, native Americans and a whole slew of minorities.

But the question is how many Hispanics are in the United States legally? There is no way there are 14 million legal Hispanic-Americans? It’s irrefutable because King Obama altered by his own hand, the ‘Rule of Law’ that governs immigration. This is proved true because California that has mounting debt, in just in California for 2014, paid out in benefits to illegal aliens $2.4 Billion dollars in benefits in just Los Angeles County. Not only that a befuddled Governor (Moonbeam) Brown, issued drivers licenses and perhaps Health care to unlawful aliens. THESE ARE NOT HONEST HISPANIC-AMERICAN OR LATINO-AMERICAN IMMIGRANTS—THEY ARE UNTIL THEY COME THROUGH THE FRONT DOOR ILLEGAL ALIENS?

The US Border Patrol have been strictly held back from carrying out actions, to arrest, process and deport those illegally slipping through the border. Personally I am sick and tired of his preferential treatment for illegal aliens—illegal aliens and undocumented immigrants. They are not immigrants; they are illegal aliens stealing American jobs, dropping wages for citizens and legal residents. From when this president stepped into the Oval Office he has trodden under his shoe the U.S. Constitution, and even swearing under oath to defend America from enemies Domestic and Foreign? He has given orders through Homeland Security to the border supervisors, to ignore enforcement laws and process and release illegal immigrants into our country.

I spent decades in the Merchant Marine and some of the ships I was deployed on, carried munitions to war zones. In the last six years I have seen significant changes in my retirement in California. Many more crimes by illegal aliens are indicated when ‘ONLY’ the sheriff of Los Angeles County is forced to admit it. The media remains silent of the crimes and its consequences of illegal immigration. Hit and runs seem to be the favorite pastime and drunk driving by foreigners from South of the border, who suddenly absconded from custody and vanishing.

My streets where I used to live, has become a dumping ground for literary tons of old furniture and other garbage lying in the alleys and even on the main highways. California the Golden state must be renamed, as it no represents as the city where I went to school. I pulled my autistic son out of the school, which looks like a minimum security prison, complete with bars. They should take down the American flag and raise the Mexican flag. I moved my son to a country residence with my ex-wife in Indiana, where he can receive a decent education.

This is why I am voting for Donald Trump, as it was the last straw to hear of the murder of Kate Steinle by a 7-felony, 5-times-deported illegal alien and why Donald Trump's has woken up the American people to a silent invasion by illegal aliens. In his searing commentary he has brought this supreme issue to the forefront, swirling with silent irritation in the majority of America’s mentality. We must bring some commonsense back to immigration and for those who broke our laws, no Amnesty—no path to citizenship and no more share of the $60-100 billion dollars in benefits, that the Democrats, the GOP selective has forced upon the taxpayers.

REMEMBER THE CITIZENS HAVE THE POWER OF THE VOTE. We can stop Obama’s dismantling of our children’s future. I think Democrats and Liberal zealots that Trump has employed 1000 of Americans. It would never surprise me if wealthy entities try to assassinate Donald Trump and blame it on El Chapo.

People, who are voting for Donald Trump, don’t care about his hair, his divorces, bankruptcy’s or anything else. People like him and will vote for him, because he is different; cannot be brought, he’s not a career politician and he has concerns for the American people and not illegal aliens, not the cheap workers from across the globe, not the mega corporations.

Much of this benefit money is for CHAIN Migration, of women who come here with the intent to have their ‘Anchor Baby’ here. Free baby care and all the entitlements Americans have worked for since they went for their first job interview. I trust Donald Trump to stop this immigration travesty, trying to apply the word ‘immigrant’ when this is not the case.

Trumps foreign policy will be hard and swift. The pledge to build a wall, from one end of America to the Pacific Ocean, so drug cartels and criminal aliens will not have easy access to our children and grandchildren addictive personalities. Trump is a tough, no BS for a future Commander in Chief, who will return our military to its full strength and top capabilities, not cringing away evident dangers. We must stop this indecisive President from further dismantling our troop numbers, retiring ordinance and be ready to stand with our allies. Then Congress must recruiting thousands of more new soldiers, to wipe from the face of the earth ISIS, Hezbollah and warring militants with a Coalition of Israelis, Saudi Arabia and European allies.


Right now under this government our National Security is compromised, especially at our porous border. We must guard our frontier from the poverty of other countries and its criminals.

Before any new policies on immigration the border must be enforced.

Let’s get with it people and join Trump in a new revolution, to rid Congress of the Special Interest puppets, who are there for what they can get—in questionable campaign contributions; filling their pockets on the Left and Right. The Democrats, Liberals and Republicans are all talk—but nothing ever happens. If you believe their rhetoric, I’ll give you a key to your own padded cell. Corporations pay big money to fight the votes in Washington of any sensible laws. Under Trumps administration we will overturn this Quid Pro Quo, of scratching each others back with special favors. THEY HATE HIM BECAUSE THEY CANNOT BUY HIM. Now moderate Democrats and Conservatives (Tea Party) leadership are more mentally balanced then the radicals in both of their parties? Illegal aliens have been caught voting in red states, but in Liberal States like California you have no need to show an official ID. Hence illegal aliens DO vote in election jurisdictions.

Breitbart News, July 11, 2015: Illegal Alien Crime which is intentionally covered up by the media. Did you know that in the state of Texas alone over the last few years, more than 2000 illegal aliens were deported after committing sex crimes?

Did you know that in the state of Texas alone over the last few years, nearly a thousand illegal aliens have been convicted of sex crimes against children?

The Remembrance Project/ Web Link have been exclusively covering murders by illegal aliens since 2009. This is ’Kate's Law’, the young women murdered in San Francisco. Click on Web Link to use this petition.

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Posted by A Neighbor
a resident of Another Pleasanton neighborhood
on Jul 17, 2015 at 3:36 pm

Wow, Dave. How off-topic can you get? Take the ranting down a notch and repost. You have a lot of interesting stuff to say, but your approach here isn't helpful and does not further the discussion.

Sorry, but further commenting on this topic has been closed.

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