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Editor's Note: These are letters received after our editorial press deadline for the May 29 print edition.

Become part of the solution

Dear Editor,

Like Ms. Carl, I too support public education ("Parcel taxes shouldn't be school funding source," Letters, May 29, page 10).

It is my passion for public education that drives my to support Measure G. I have worked with the schools and the district at many levels and I am very impressed at the level of commitment and competence in our district. One of the concrete things we all can do on Tuesday June 2 is vote to give our schools the funds they need to do the best job they can in educating our children.

Like Ms. Carl, I also decry the disparity often found between the "haves" schools districts (districts with many high income families) and the "have nots" districts (districts with a lower median family income.) Rather than depriving Pleasanton children of the best education they can get, I believe instead in improving education for all children, and yes, working to increase the funding for education in poorer districts.

Voting no on Measure G will not help poorer schools, but it will have a direct negative impact on our children in Pleasanton schools. I invite Ms. Carl, rather than decrying the disparity, to become part of the solution, and join efforts to fight for more funding for all schools.

Meri McCoy-Thompson

Frustrated? Let's take control

Dear Editor,

The news was grim at Tuesday's PUSD board meeting. Due to continued fiscal problems with the state, the budget shortfall has grown from $9.7 million to an estimated $18.6 million. Even with federal stimulus money, the district will likely need to make additional cuts.

Unfortunately, due to archaic California labor laws for education, this means more of our young and energetic teachers may be lost. Upon hearing this worsening news month after month, it's easy to get frustrated by the circumstances: frustrated over state funding for education; frustrated over the poor economy; frustrated over labor union entitlements; frustrated over the fiscal negligence of state legislators.

However, anxiety from such frustration can be reduced through one simple step: Focus on what you can control. Relative to our excellent schools, we each have one outcome we can control or influence right now: passage of a $233 parcel tax.

Is it a perfect or complete solution? No. Do we need to reform our state government and funding for education? Yes. Do the labor unions (including teachers) need to step forward with additional salary concessions? Yes. But we can't immediately alter these other issues, and funding for our schools is needed today.

We can put good money directly into our local schools and community by passing Measure G on June 2. We each have a choice. We can remain in frustration, or we can take some control of our future. Let´s move forward with positive action.

Dan Copenhagen

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