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July 01, 2005

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Publication Date: Friday, July 01, 2005

Streetwise Streetwise (July 01, 2005)

Should Pleasanton have fireworks to celebrate July 4? Asked at Farmers Market.

Lori Huneke
Tassajara Road
Yes, definitely. I don't think we should have to go to another town to celebrate the Fourth of July. My family used to enjoy it.

Crystal Benner
Napier Court
Yes I think it would be great to have fireworks on the Fourth of July. It would be a lot of fun and a great celebration for the kids. It would be great not to drive too far.

Nicole Albertson
Northampton, Calif.
Absolutely. Anytime there is an opportunity for light and sound to be presented, I'm all for it. My family and I would definitely enjoy it.

Andra Williams
Northampton, Calif.
Definitely. I'm all for it. I've always enjoyed the loudness and lights. I always make an effort to see fireworks on the Fourth. I would be great to be able to have a barbecue with the family and see fireworks in our own community.

Daniel Ormonde
Jensen Street
If it could be done safely, it's something that should still be done. As a kid we always enjoyed the fireworks and it was a good time for everyone. That's what it should be, a good time, and a celebration to recognize what a great country this is.

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