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Issue date: March 31, 2000

Little Yosemite awaits Little Yosemite awaits (March 31, 2000)

A little more than a mile from the parking area of Sunol Regional Wilderness is one of the Bay Area's most beautiful, little known riches - a place called Little Yosemite. In this place, a lifetime of exploration and wonder await.

Discreetly hidden in a small valley and amid condo-sized boulders, Alameda Creek runs during spring at break-neck speed, over waterfalls and into hidden, yet accessible, pools. This is a definite must-see.

Before visiting this delightful site in Sunol Wilderness, a few words of advice: � Technically this is an off-the-trail point of interest, access is somewhat "hairy," and parts of it are a hardy climb. � Bring extra socks (they will get wet). � Check out some of the caves and fissures (cool even in summer's worst spells). � Try a swim (the cool mineral-blue water and warm boulders make for a more-than-delightful mixture).

Other than that, just bring a friend and enjoy!

For park information, such as how to find Sunol Regional Wilderness - or Little Yosemite - call 862-2244. @reviewertag:-Jeff Williams

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