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How It Feels... (San Ramon)
300+ members of this blog get clear, powerful, topical essays, always with a sharp point that lingers long after the read... (Added on November 6, 2012)

Life In Pleasanton (Santa Clara)
This is a blog following fine art and the finer things in Pleasanton and the Tri-Valley. (Added on July 18, 2011)

DIY Swenson Style (Pleasanton) FAVE!
Fun Do-It-Yourself projects that I do, sometimes with my husband, sometimes with my two sons, and sometimes just by myself. (Added on November 6, 2012)

shesayswithasmile.blogspot.com (pleasanton) FAVE!
"you never know what you'll read, because i never know what i'll right" feast of creative non-fiction on every topic you can think of, written (and experienced) by pre-famous american writer & pleasanton resident, sandra kay ~ tri valley gypsy poet ~ AKA: Writeous Mom (Added on April 7, 2009)