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By Tim Hunt

Cultural rot lies at the root of violence

Uploaded: May 26, 2022

The horrific mass shooting of school children and teachers in Texas have predicably brought forth demands to do something.
Warriors coach Steve Kerr spent his pregame press conference angrily denouncing politicians for their lack of action. Others, mostly of the liberal viewpoint, echoed similar views about more gun control. There’s no question that the United States has more than its share of mass violence situations, although they make up a small proportion of the violent deaths in the country.
Liberal newspapers listed the shootings and demanded action on the editorial pages. Notably lacking in their discussions was any evidence that what they demanded would make any difference. Two of the recent mass shootings were a deranged teen-aged white man shooting any black person he could find in a Buffalo supermarket and an older Chinese man killing Taiwanese churchgoers in California. What states have the toughest gun laws—California and New York are right at the top. Did it make a difference?
School shooting are horrifying, the young and innocent dying at the hands of a deranged gunman. So how do we process this and fit it into a larger picture? Do we consider how many black men died at the hands of other black men in cities such as Chicago? Check the news Monday and Tuesday to see what the death toll was in that liberal-governed city in a liberal-governed state and how little—if any—coverage and comment is addressed to it. It’s also a state with tough gun control.
Looking at the sadly chronic violence in the inner cities may yield clues. How many of those shooters grew up in homes with a father present? More than two generations of black men have grown up without fathers in their lives. Their acceptance is found in the gangs. Gangs thrive on violence and revenge.
Dads are one aspect. There are others. Since 1962 when the Supreme Court banned religion in the schools America has become a more secular country. It’s been a country where more than 60 million babies have been aborted, suicide has been legalized and the sanctity of human life has been greatly diminished. And make no mistake there is evil in this world.
Consider that some pro-choice advocates include killing a baby at partial birth or after it is born. A mom who abandons or kills her infant faces murder charges. If it’s done in a medical setting it’s considered a legal abortion. That’s an abomination.
The underlying fact is that America, as a country, no longer values life like it once did. Take away the Biblical foundation that this country was founded on and the secular forces are ruling. Mix in the video game culture with much of it about life or death conflicts and where are we as a culture?
As one conservative pastor wrote, “What does it take to stop a bad guy with a gun? A good guy with a gun.”
Whether we should have single-entry schools with armed guards is a debate to be joined, but the cultural rot is much deeper than physical facilities and staffing at schools.