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By Tim Hunt

Giving thanks in this season

Uploaded: Nov 26, 2020

Happy Thanksgiving
It’s a day and a season to count our many blessings. Yes, we’ve lived through an unprecedented year with the COVID-19, racial and social unrest and a country divided politically. We’ve been locked in our homes, businesses are failing and there are some fundamental changes that have taken place that will affect how we live and work.
For perspective, most of us are facing 1st World challenges—empty toilet paper shelves. Some of our neighbors lower on the socio-economic ladder are facing real challenges to feed their families and pay the rent. Demand has soared at food banks and 800 families continue to pick up free boxes of food at the fairgrounds each week.
And I think of the havoc the pandemic has reeked in the 3rd World where as many as 140 million could be facing starvation. That’s a huge problem that will take an international response to lessen.
Yet here I sit in a warm, safe home and counting my blessings. And I would suggest that all of us by birth or naturalization who are American citizens should be thanking God.
I would invite all of us to take some time this week to write down what we’re thankful for. Mark Roberts, formerly a pastor in Irvine, writes a daily devotional as director of the De Pree Center at Fuller Seminary in Pasadena. He suggested making this a week of giving thanks and writing them down. I thought it was a great suggestion.