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By Tom Cushing

Doctor Angell (apologies to Shelley Fabares)

Uploaded: Apr 28, 2020

I've been impressed with the braintrust assembled by Gov. Newsom to address the Coronavirus health crisis. They are leaders in their professions - and parenthetically, they also look like they just stepped off the pages of Vanity Fair. One such luminary caught my eye - not sure why ;-) but I've been uniformly impressed with her contributions. And so, in tribute, I offer ...

(Doctor Angell)
(Sonia Angell)
(Doctor Angell)
You're an angel to me

Doctor Angell
I believe her
When she tells me that I must desist
She’s run the numbers and they show that Covid-19 persists.

Sonia Angell
How I want her
To show-up often on those noon updates
Her erudition and those slides
The science to translate.

I am home-bound
I’m not trav’ling today
I dream of beach-and-sea
And of Yosemite
Other gov’nors
Risk and ac-celerate
But I’ll just sit and wait
Data will aggregate

For Sonia Angell
She’ll crunch those numbers
They’ll advise when we’ll resume our glee
Californians from the Bay to the Hills of Beverly

I'm at home now
There’s no shopping today
Do boring household tasks
And fiddle with my mask
Other gov’nors
Set arb’trary dates
But I'll just sit and wait
Statistics will dictate

When Sonia Angell
Can release us
From our quarantine solitary
Then our state will show for all to see
That collaboration leads to vic-tory.

Doctor Angell
Sonia Angell
Doctor Angell
You're an angel to me
(you’re okay too, Gavin).