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By Tim Hunt

Seeing God move supernaturally in Brazil

Uploaded: Nov 14, 2019

This week I returned from Brazil and the third healing mission trip I’ve had the privilege of joining with Bill Dew from San Diego.

Bill and his late wife Carol were launched into their healing ministry in 2001 and he’s ministered in more than 30 countries around the world. He’s been to Brazil the most times and is particularly drawn there. What was particularly cool this time is to see Bill and his new bride, Kathleen, minister together. Their spouses died on Oct. 12, one year apart. They met in January, dated for five months and have been married for five months.

Over the course of six days, we ministered in seven churches, a hospital and a drug rehab ranch out in the country. The rehab center was particularly interesting—when the leader moved his program there, they had no electricity and no water. They used a donkey and cart to haul water six times a day. Now they have a well, a thriving cashew orchard plus a vegetable farm and tanks growing tilapia. More importantly, 73 percent of the guys who finish the program stay clean.

Over the course of six jam-packed days, we saw many, many immediate healings as the Holy Spirit flowed through the room and people. What I love about Bill’s ministry is how he empowers people. He would call out people suffering from pain in their arms, shoulders or wrists and then ask them to stand and touch the spot that hurt. He then asked people sitting near them to lay hands on the spot and pray for healing while he prayed from the platform. We consistently saw people after that simple process be 80 to 100 percent pain-free.

During the day we ministered in the public hospital, my partner, Amanda Hall from Wyoming, and I prayed for a man with kidney issues and cancer. The kidney issue was preventing treatment on the cancer. The doctors showed up doing rounds after we prayed for him so we moved on to the next ward. We circled back to pray with the sixth man and this guy waved at us. When the doctors had checked him, they discovered the kidney issues were gone—we’re praying that the cancer was too.

During individual ministry time after Bill’s teaching, team members prayed for people with the help of translators—my Portuguese is non-existent. We saw neck and back pain vanish; an injured wrist restored; and many other people restored.

If you are interested in learning more, please see Bill’s website: here.