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By Tim Hunt

More silliness from San Francisco

Uploaded: Aug 29, 2019

Fortunately, San Francisco Mayor London Breed is acting like the adult in the room.,

After the Board of Supervisors unanimously passed new descriptions for felons, homeless people and juvenile delinquents, she’s declining to take any action because the resolution wasn’t binding.

The resolution reads that “dehumanizing language like ‘prisoner,’ ‘convict,’ ‘inmate’ or ‘felon’ only serve to obstruct and separate from society and make the institutionalization of racism and supremacy appear normal.”

So, in the board’s collective opinion, it’s racist to call someone a prisoner, convict, inmate or felon—words that have been accurate descriptions for decades. The PC crowd is simply running amuck, as you might expect in San Francisco. Instead of focusing on dealing with the overwhelming homeless population and human feces all over the streets, they worried about how to describe people.

The resolution suggested different language:
Inmate became currently incarcerated person
Juvenile offender (once called delinquent) becomes young person impacted by the justice system.
Illegal alien, already replaced in PC circles by undocumented immigrant or person becomes simply person or individual
Addict or substance abuser is replaced by person with a history of substance abuse
And ex-con becomes returning resident.

I’d like to say only in San Francisco, but Berkeley, Portland and Seattle likely are not far behind.

Contrary to this silliness, some gentler language can be helpful—for instance, some people have been homeless for years, while others are currently experiencing homeless for whatever reason—finances or otherwise. With rents soaring and modestly priced housing in short supply, a job loss or rent increase can cause individuals or families to wind up on the streets.

Iwill admit being surprised that a business wants to bring ax throwing accompanied by beer and wine to Pleasanton. Our family-oriented community does not seem like a demographic fit for what I would imagine is a guys night out type of place.

That said, presumably proprietor Michael Hill, who currently runs Limitless Escape Games in Livermore, has done his research for Limitless Axes and Ales that was granted a conditional use permit in the Valley Plaza Shopping Center.