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By Chandrama Anderson

Our Beloved Dog Died

Uploaded: Mar 30, 2017

In 2010, my step-son Diego was 9 years old. He wrote the following about Tarth, our then seven year-old Papillion:

A Day in the Life of Tarth

March 14, 2010

2 AM: Sleeps blissfully through time change next to Chandrama.
7:47 AM Let out.
7:47 AM to 7:51 AM Wonders when Chandrama will let him in.
8AM to 9:30AM Follows Chandrama.
9:39 Sitting at Chandrama's feet all jealous because Little (the cat) is at keyboard with Chandrama.
9:41 AM Sulks under dining table.
9:42 AM Petted by Diego.
9:43 AM Things look good for Tarth around Chandrama again.
9:45 AM Petted briefly by Felix.
9:49 AM Chandrama goes to table. Tarth sits hopefully by her chair
9:54 AM Tarth defends the manor of Tarthington from squirrels
10:03 AM Finally breakfast is over. Tarth moves toward Chandrama.
10:05 AM Licks plates with much gusto; specially prepared for him.
10:08 AM Resumes guard duty.
10:09 AM Let me in! Darts around, full of energy.
10:12 AM Paces around, wondering when Chandrama will be done with her shower.
10:24 AM Still wonders when Chandrama will be done.
10:35 AM Chandrama finally comes out of shower. Tarth is visibly relieved.
10:36 AM Tarth hopefully resides at feet during hair drying.
10:42 AM Contemplates strange behavior of people around him seemingly getting ready to go somewhere.
11:20 AM Mystery location finally revealed. "Car" word spoken: altitude of jump, 2 feet.
11:24 AM Gets on highway. Much excitement. Tarth in high-vibrate mode.
11:32 AM Excitement finally recedes to lower level. Vinrating no longer but still looking around to find out exactly where we are headed.
11:37 AM Settles into position; petted by Felix.
11:46 AM Terrible thought occurs: Where's Chandrama?
11:48 AM After searching for two long minutes, Chandrama is finally found.
11:51 AM Briefly petted by Diego.
11:55 AM Finally in Chandrama's lap: "Aaaahh."
11:56 AM Tarth gets babied by Chandrama.
11:58 AM Very happy.
11:59 AM Water sighted (Monterey Bay). Makes educated guess on location.
12:01 PM About 20 minutes till beach.
12:03 PM Coffee stop suggestion made.
12:04 PM Observes surroundings.
12:05 PM Tarth requests to be petted by "snouting."
12:06 PM Almost falls off [seat in bliss.
12:07 PM Moves back [to Diego and Felix and gets enthusiastic welcome.
12:08 PM Directs himself to Chandrama by plowing his way through console.
12:09 PM Bay visible
12:12 PM In town.
12:13 PM Leash attached. Hope this means we will exit shortly. Revealed that we are stopping for coffee.
12:22 PM Tarth gets personalized water cup.
12:29 PM Arrive at beach. Unable to contain excitement.
1:06 PM Gulps down water in two drinks.
2:30 PM Goes to car with Chandrama.
4:00 PM Done with beach; heads to car.
4:20 PM Gets back on freeway.
4:21 PM Very quiet.
4:22 PM Traffic very bad. 30 MPH. Tarth compemplates traffic.
4:26 PM Traffic eases up. Settles in the back seat.
4:37 PM Much excitement from Tarth as we pass two Beagles.
4:41 PM Tarth is very still.
4:50 PM Gets up; looking hopefully at Chandrama.
5:00 PM Gets briefly petted by Dad.
5:05 PM Very excited.
5:07 PM Leash attached. We get out.

And that is a day in the Life of Tarth!

Tarth's quote of the month:
“If you are not going to fail, what would you do today?”

Previous quotes of the month:
“It's better to be smart than big.”
“Watch out for dancing Christmas hats.”

I’m sad, and I keep thinking I hear him snoring. This grief begets old grief. At the moment, it’s manageable. Yesterday, while getting photos together to print for us and for his first mom, Flo, I got very upset. And I’m glad we have the photos.

While Tarth is no longer with us, he will forever be in our hearts, and in our memories.